Traditions Book

  1. The Mane Event
  2. Attend Lion Launch or Cub Camp
  3. See Cub Camp from the other side and become staff
  4. Visit 10 tables at Block Party
  5. Get-e-up at Howdy Dance (maybe try the mechanical bull) 
  6. Become a part of something special and join a RSO
  7. Attend one of our Homecoming events and show your UAFS pride or participate in a Homecoming activity
  8. Bring your family and friends to Family Weekend
  9. Present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium
  10. Throw a toy at the Toy Toss basketball game
  11. Cheer on your Lady Lions at a volleyball game
  12. Grab your lawn chair and attend a Lions baseball game
  13. Watch or perform with you classmates in theater at UAFS
  14. Take a photo with Numa
  15. Plan your future at the Career Fair
  16. Go to Haunted Union/Trunk or Treat
  17. Take #RoamingNuma with you on vacation
  18. Attend a Season of Entertainment
  19. Try your luck at Casino Night
  20. Take a study break at Late Night Breakfast
  21. Watch the crowning of Miss UAFS
  22. Get your hula on at Island Party
  23. Celebrate at Numa’s Birthday Party
  24. Attend NUMAS
  25. Visit an art exhibit in Windgate
  26. Volunteer with Lions Hearts
  27. Donate Blood at a UAFS drive
  28. Climb the RAWC wall
  29. Join an intramural team
  30. Cast your vote in an SGA election
  31. Study abroad for a semester
  32. Attend a Movie night on campus
  33. Meet the Dean of your program
  34. Catch our Chancellor Dr. Riley on campus and take a picture with her 
  35. Go through Sorority or Fraternity recruitment 
  36. Attend Paint the Park Pink on campus
  37. Attend a Career Services workshop
  38. Utilize our Library resources
  39. Find a mentor on campus
  40. Take a picture in front of the Bell Tower
  41. Get some hot chocolate and visit with UPD at Cocoa with the Po-Po
  42. Get your teeth Cleaned at the Health Science building 
  43. Sign up for a free outdoor trip with the RAWC outdoor adventure program
  44. Put your hammock up at the Lounging Lion Hammock Grove      
  45. Get a job on campus
  46. Attend the Leading Lions Conference
  47. Attend/Participate in Rising in the River Valley
  48. Get your cap and gown at Grad Fest
  49. Decorate your cap at Graduation
  50. Buy a brick for Lion Pride Square

Complete and log 20 of these items to get a free t-shirt and complete 30 to get a cord to wear at graduation!



Students on campus

Log your traditions by following the steps below to earn prizes


  1. Sign in to NumaLink
  2. Click on the round button in the top right hand corner
  3. (this will either have your first initial or a picture of you)
  4. Click on Experiences
  5. Click on Add Experience (blue drop down on the right side)
  6. Select Traditions Keeper
  7. Fill out the Traditions Keeper form
  8. Click Submit