UAFS Grads

Graduation How To Guide

Not know what you should do first as you prepare to graduate? We have collected all the important details to ensure you an easy Graduation! Below you will see a list of steps you either must or should complete before you graduate. Steps that are required are marked below with an asterisk (*).

Step 1: Apply for Graduation*
In order to graduate, you MUST complete the application to graduate. This application tells the Records office you are ready to graduate and starts the process of auditing your transcript to ensure you have completed all required course work for your degree. The most important information you should be aware of in applying for graduation is you must complete the application any where from 1 semester to 1 year before the semester you wish to graduate. There is a $40 graduation application fee charged to your student account. It is charged to all students applying for graduation, regardless of participation in the commencement ceremony. For more information on this process, please visit Records graduation webpage.

Step 2: Attend Grad Fest*
After applying for Graduation, you need to attend Grad Fest. In order to simplify taking care of the final details before graduation, we have partnered with the Records office, Cashier, Bookstore, Career Services, and the Student Government to have everything in one place. You will be able to finalize your graduation details with Records, check your account status with the Cashier, and purchase/order all of your graduation needs. For all the important details please visit our Grad Fest page.

Step 3: Learn how to navigate a Career Fair
        (and have your resume and interview skills polished)
This program will tell you what to expect and give you tips on how to have a successful experience at the Career Fair. For the exact date and time of this program, please visit the Career Services Student Event page. If you have a specialized career fair that occurs prior to this session, please contact the Career Services staff for more assistance. They are always willing to help. You can find the contact information for Career Services. Don't forget to keep your resume and interviews polished all year long! You never know when that dream job may show up and you want to be ready. Career Services has put together several great resources for resumes and interview skills.

Step 4: Attend a Career Services Career Fair
A Career Fair is an excellent opportunity for you to find a job, begin networking in your desired field, or simply to get great experience interacting with potential employers. Each semester Career Services hosts a Career Fair that encompasses as many career fields as possible as well as opportunities to advance your education. In addition to this Career Fair, Career Services provides Career Fairs specifically for those entering education or health fields. For more details and the exact time and dates of these events please visit the the Career Services Event page. Please dress business casual or in a manner fitting your chosen career field. You only have one opportunity for a great first impression, and we wouldn't want to to waste it!

Step 5: Purchase a Brick in Lion's Pride Square
By purchasing a brick, your name will be engraved in a brick that is placed in Lion's Pride Square. By having your name placed in Lion's Pride Square you will be joining the legacy of the many UAFS, Westark, and Fort Smith Junior College alumni. For more information, please visit the Purchase a Brick page.

Step 6: Compete 27 UAFS Traditions for your TK Cords
It is an honor to join the group of graduates who wear the Traditions Keeper Cords during commencement. These graduates represent UAFS spirit, tradition, and pride. These cords are the only non-academic cords allowed at UAFS commencement ceremonies. If you would like to be a part of this elite group, please visit our Traditions Book page for more information.

Step 7: Review all the details for Commencement
The Records Office has done a fantastic job of putting all the details you need for Commencement on their webpage. We hope you take advantage of the information. For information on the time and location of commencement please visit the Commencement Information page found here. If you are graduating with honors or representing an Honor society and would like information on the appropriate stoles or cords worn during commencement, you can find those details here. If you have any further questions that haven't been answered, please review the Commencement FAQs. If you still have questions, please contact Records at
479-788-7230 or



You made it to the end!

The only thing left is to walk across the stage at commencement!


Don't forget you will always be a part of the UAFS Family through the Alumni Association. You are currently in the Alumni web site. Look around! A great place to start is Benefits & Services, where you can see what all we can do for you!